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Situated in Crawley, Richard Place Dobson has been helping businesses and individuals with their accounting and taxation affairs for nearly 100 years. But we don't dwell on the past; our focus is on using our expertise to help your future.
Club Address Bereweeke Rd Winchester Hants Post Code SO22 6AN Google Map
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Telephone 01962 854028 Fax
Website http://www.winchesterracquetsandfitness.net Email
Club Fixtures Secretary Ian Fowler Email
Club Coach Gary Hinton Email
Team Contact Jon Day Email

Fixtures for CHAMPIONSHIP Winchester Winchester 3 [Full Club Fixtures List] [Main]
Day Date Time Division Result Venue Home Team AwayTeam
Monday 10-Sep-2018 19:30 CHAMPIONSHIP Lost Winchester 2 Directions
Winchester 3
Monday 01-Oct-2018 19:00 CHAMPIONSHIP Petersfield 1 Directions
Winchester 3
Tuesday 09-Oct-2018 19:20 CHAMPIONSHIP Lee-on-Solent 2 Directions
Winchester 3
Wednesday 17-Oct-2018 19:30 CHAMPIONSHIP Winchester 3
Trojans 2
Thursday 25-Oct-2018 19:00 CHAMPIONSHIP Totton 2 Directions
Winchester 3
Wednesday 07-Nov-2018 19:30 CHAMPIONSHIP Winchester 3
Chichester 2
Sunday 11-Nov-2018 18:15 CHAMPIONSHIP Five Rivers 1 Directions
Winchester 3
Wednesday 21-Nov-2018 19:30 CHAMPIONSHIP Winchester 3
S'ton University 1
Wednesday 05-Dec-2018 19:30 CHAMPIONSHIP Winchester 3
Avenue 1
Wednesday 09-Jan-2019 19:30 CHAMPIONSHIP Winchester 3
Winchester 2
Thursday 24-Jan-2019 19:00 CHAMPIONSHIP Avenue 1 Directions
Winchester 3
Tuesday 29-Jan-2019 19:00 CHAMPIONSHIP Trojans 2 Directions
Winchester 3
Wednesday 13-Feb-2019 19:30 CHAMPIONSHIP Winchester 3
Totton 2
Wednesday 20-Feb-2019 19:30 CHAMPIONSHIP Winchester 3
Lee-on-Solent 2
Wednesday 27-Feb-2019 19:30 CHAMPIONSHIP Winchester 3
Petersfield 1
Tuesday 12-Mar-2019 19:15 CHAMPIONSHIP S'ton University 1 Directions
Winchester 3
Thursday 21-Mar-2019 19:20 CHAMPIONSHIP Chichester 2 Directions
Winchester 3
Wednesday 10-Apr-2019 19:30 CHAMPIONSHIP Winchester 3
Five Rivers 1
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